Derma fillers before after

Dermal Fillers can lift and contour to achieve natural and beautiful results as illustrated in these BEFORE and AFTER photos. To a well trained aesthetic medical professional, it is obvious where and how much dermal fillers should be placed, provided one has “the eye” and “the artistic talent” beyond the basic medical training that is required to perform a safe filler procedure.

To most of our patients, the process is as important as the outcome. Patients nowadays prefer no bruises, no pain, above all results that are easily discernible, natural, yet beautiful. As the famed plastic surgeon Arthur Swift M.D. often been quoted saying to his students in his Master Injector Class: “If you bruise them, you will lose them!” “If you pain them, you will not retain them!” “If you make them look weird, you shall be feared!”

It is not difficult to see why smart patients shop for their injectors instead of shopping for fillers. These patients understand that only the best injectors can achieve the best look!

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