Emsculpt Neo Plus Weight Loss Medication Injections start April 2024 at Renew. Beauty, confidence, and general well-being are integral components of what we call “the beauty inside and out.” Fatigue and stress in our fast-paced modern lives are common, often resulting in a weakened immune system and weight gain. For qualified patients undergoing Emsculpt Neo treatments or members of the Neo program, we will offer an injectable medication-assisted weight loss program.  As a person starts to lose weight with medications, not only will he or she lose fat, but he or she will often lose muscle bulk. The Emsculpt Neo Plus program is designed to facilitate fat loss yet preserve and maintain one’s muscle bulk and strength. An office visit with our nurse practitioner will be required to initiate this tailored program for each individual. Call 971-470-3186 to book a consultation with Yan Duan, FNP.