Renew’s newest device Intracel Microneedling RF debuts this week. This powerful FDA approved Microneedling RF device is here. The excitement among our staff and patients are palpable. Three of our staff members and three other model patients have received this treatment. We are ready to tell you the entire treatment will take about 60 minutes: starts with baseline photos, then apply topical cream for 20 minutes, then IntraCel Microneedling RF itself for 30 minutes, and finishes with post care  instructions. We can also share with you the pain is manageable with topical numbing and our Zimmer skin cooling device. The downtime is minimal with 2-3 days of erythema and sunburn feel. The result displayed below speaks for itself. Clinical indications of IntraCel microneedling RF treatment include fine lines and wrinkles, skin laxity or loose skin, striae or stretch marks, and acne scars.  Call 971-470-3186 to chat and have your questions answered.

View our results

IntraCel Microneedling RF neck

IntraCel Microneedling RF side

IntraCel Microneedling RF abdomen

IntraCel Microneedling RF leg

IntraCel Microneedling RF face

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