Kybella treatment before after image

Weather is changing, Kybella treatments are in season again at Renew Aesthetic Clinic. You may either schedule a few days of social down time or wear a scarf to cover the swelling in the chin area and return to your routine. The result speaks for itself and it’s permanent when the treatment series are finished. Early results can be seen in the post photo in 10-12 weeks post treatment. On sale 3 vials $1,350 (reg $1800 ) and 4 vials $1,800 (reg $2,400). Proper assessment of the anatomical structures of treatment area and dosing are critical for good results of Kybella treatments. Proper delivery is essential to avoid unnecessary complications for this procedure. Call for a complimentary consultation if you are interested at 971-470-3186 or book your consultation appointment at

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