Melasma treatment before after image

This patient suffered from Melasma most of her adult life. She was treated at Renew Aesthetic Clinic by Yvonne Yan Duan with LaseMD using integrated handpiece with Zimmer. She was very comfort in each 3 treatments. The treatment interval was 4 weeks.  Each time Tranexamic acid Serum was nanonized and applied immediately and used at home twice a day x 4 daysf. LaseMD’s multilayer cellulose mask was applied x 20 minutes in the clinic before patient was released home following each treatment. Overall little downtime or skin healing time were experienced. This patient is very pleased with her Melasma treatment results. The maintenance regimen recommended by our clinic include (1) daily use of SkinCeuticals Color defense,  a layerable, daily-use serum formulated with 3% tranexamic acid, 5% niacinamide, and 1% kojic acid. (2) SPF 50 daily or more frequent application with sun or water exposure. (3) One LaseMD treatment every year for maintenance. Consultation is complimentary, please call 971-470-3186 will visit for consultation appointment.

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