Modern laser procedure Jeisys machine

Modern laser procedures at Renew Aesthetic Clinic are integral part of the combination therapy that offer our patients the best outcome. We are constantly looking at both edgy and proven technologies, so we can bring the newest and most effective laser treatments to our patients. Yvonne Yan Duan FNP, founder and CEO has been a fellow of ASLMS (American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery) since 2019 and has been going to ASLMS’ ANNUAL Conference often since 2008. Yan has been very active in the society in recent years. She was nominated the prestigious position of Board Member representing Nursing and Allied Health in 2020 and excellence in Laser Nursing/Allied Health Award in 2020. As well, two of her abstracts were accepted by the Society’s Annual Conference 2020 as a CME speaker. One of the abstracts in on the subject of combination therapy offers the best treatment outcome. The other speaks specifically the efficacy of LaseMD on Malesama treatment and management in darker skin type. Since then, Renew Aesthetic Clinic has been granted multiple KOL (Key Opinion Leader) accounts by laser industry partners.

Modern laser procedures lasemd machineModern laser procedures at Renew Aesthetic Clinic is under the strong leadership of Yvonne Yan Duan FNP. From acquisition of Laser devices, staff training, writing and fine tuning each treatment protocol, post care instructions, to private-label post laser skincare products, she took a very refined approach to each procedure. From 2018 ASLMS conference, she brought home LaseMD by Lutronics for all skin types. LaseMD Glo has since become everyone’s most favorite laser for skin rejuvenation. From young to mature patients, from sun spots to melasma to brown color reduction, to simply achieve refined and glowing skin. LaseMD treatment has very little downtime and too much to gain. Three year later, LaseMD proven to be that little box that is the most beloved laser by both our staff and patients.

From 2019 ASLMS conference, she brought back Zimmer cooling system. The best skin surface cooling device on the market. Zimmer has made a significant improvement in patient comfort and tolerance when other laser treatments such as LaseMD and IntraCel are delivering heat. Frankly, without Zimmer some patients will not likely to tolerate higher settings of their treatments resulting subclinical results, therefore we must conclude Zimmer is an essential part of our laser treatment success.

As we emerging from COVID-19 pandemic, Renew is growing and gaining more patients everyday. We purchased a long anticipate microneedling RF device IntraCel RF by Perigee for fine lines and wrinkles, skin laxity, stretch marks, and acne scars in September of 2020. A fine-toned microneedling device IntraCel RF that is effective yet has little downtime and much less discomfort during treatment compared with other devices in the same class.

Modern laser procedures emsculpt neo machineThe most recent Renew acquisition of energy based device is our body contouring device – Emsculpt Neo by BTL Aesthetics. Yvonne Yan Duan has been on the market surveying and looking for this device since Renew was established in 2017. She came very close to purchase Emsculp, the predecessor of Emsculpt Neo at ASLMS 2019 Conference in Dallas, but realized EmSculpt does not have fat busting capability. Now Emsculpt Neo possesses the power to both reduce fat and grow muscle. We are satisfied Neo is the most effective and the best body contouring device in its class. Investing in the best and newest to ensure the optimal outcome is our highest priority at Renew Aesthetic Clinic.



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