BROADCASTER: Welcome back to AM Northwest. They specialize in non-surgical anti-aging treatments: our own Tammy Hernandez learns more about a clinic working to help you look and feel your best.

INTERVIEWER: I’m in Portland at Renew Aesthetic & Laser Clinic with Yan Duan, and she is the founder and CEO. So tell me what goes on here. When people come in, what are they hoping to get help with?

YAN DUAN: We are a non-invasive aesthetic medicine clinic.

INTERVIEWER: Okay, so what kind of things do you do here?

YAN DUAN: People come here usually for two purposes, anti-aging and beautifying, and to make themselves more confident.

INTERVIEWER: Oh, of course. So what are some of the services you offer?

YAN DUAN: We have four main core services: injectables, laser services, aesthetician services, and regenerative treatments.

INTERVIEWER: So people are getting help with wrinkles and body contouring. What else?

YAN DUAN: We have neurotoxins. These are wrinkle relaxers. We have dermal fillers. Some of them are HA. They are replacement. And we also have biostimulatory fillers like Sculptra, and these are more collagen remodeling and longer lasting biostimulatory fillers.

INTERVIEWER: So you’re helping people look younger, you’re helping people look more beautiful. What makes you stand out from other people doing similar treatments?

YAN DUAN: I think at this clinic, we’re a little nerdier, maybe.

INTERVIEWER: I love that. [laughs] A little nerdier.

YAN DUAN: [laughs] Because probably my collegiate teaching background, we actually think that’s cool, all of us. We go to more conferences, we update, and we’re more compliant. That’s a huge emphasis, for patient safety.

INTERVIEWER: What are your patients telling you after they’ve had services from you?

YAN DUAN: We’re more artistic. That’s one of the words in our reviews we get. And probably gentler, and we give them adequate time, a feeling they’ve been taken care of.

INTERVIEWER: You’re an award-winning clinic. Tell me more about your awards.

YAN DUAN: This year we did win all four awards. The biggest one is the Aesthetic Awards Finalist. This has been a young clinic, so that’s outstanding. Also, three other awards: ASLMS Laser Excellence and two other individual awards, AMWC’s Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation as well as the Energy-Based Treatment Award. Altogether, four.

INTERVIEWER: Wow, congratulations. That’s amazing.