Injection skills master class

Yvonne Yan Duan, FNP with Arthur Swift M.D. and Swift Beauty Master Injection Class in LA in May of 2019 in a red top in 2nd row on the right 2nd with her signature braided hair style. She enjoyed learning many new injecting skills and techniques, particularly the lower face lift or “Swift Lift” which is been used everyday in Renew Aesthetic Clinic nowadays.  The Master Injector Class attracted many international attendees, altogether more 60 injectors attended this class.

After 12 years of uninterrupted career in injecting Botox and dermal fillers, Yvonne Yan Duan is as committed to advancing her injecting skills as she started in 2007, she has already set her eyes on the next challenge and advanced injection technique. If you are interested to learn about our new injection techniques with dermal fillers, please call 971-470-3196 or visit We often offer Lunch and Learn opportunities where we reveal new techniques and technologies offered in our clinic.

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